First Acrylic Paint

I brought these Winsor and Newton Acrylic Paint when COVID-19 was the headline in the news. Just wanted to experiment with acrylic paints and just have something different to work with. I really didn’t know what to expect whether it tough or easy painting with acrylic paints. I also brought a watercolor notebook. It states you can use acrylic paint on it. Maybe I should have brought those package canvas boards.

So here my first painting with winsor and newton acrylic paint. Did a portrait of Emilia clarke. What do you think? Probably Bad. I don’t know, but is learning how to paint using acrylic harder then painting with watercolors? I think I uses and wasted more paint trying to mix colors then the amount of paint I used for this one acrylic painting. I did notice that winsor and newton acrylic paint are thick. Please any tips / suggests on paint with acrylic? Is using paper not the choice in learning how to use these paints?

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