Its been four day since discover prompt ended and was just thinking what should I write, what should I post.  Since today is May 4th and it may the fourth be with you, I’ll post something on that.  Well I thought that kind of boring and I know not everyone is a star war fan, so I thought more about it.  Then I thought, a word with 4 letters. hmmmm.

Lately I been just scrolling through those TEDx talks on youtube and you know how youtube just suggest videos.  One common topic suggested or topic discussed on these TEDx talk was boob. There a four letter word.

Yes, BOOB, believe it or not there are several TEDx talk videos about boobs.  Everything from the good, the bad, and funny is discussed.  Of course if you’re a women you probably heard about some these, maybe you haven’t, but for a guy it very informative with awkward feeling. Guys if you ever with your girlfriend/wife/female friend at victoria secret and are lost about bra fitting, where there a TEDx talk video that at least get you updated on the vocabulary.  Nothing more awkward being in a victoria secret store with a girl looking for bras for their boobs.  Happened to me once.

I will admit talking about boobs is awkward and sometime being around them is too.  For us guys, we do our best not to stare at them or at your cleavage, but just to tell you the truth, it not easy.  I remember when I would go social dancing with a few of my friend on Thursday night and I would ask a girl to dance who was busty or showing cleavage, I would be a little more “careful” I wouldn’t accidentally touch her in that area as I turn her or let my eye wonder, staring at her cleavage when we are in a closed position.  Closed position in dancing term, when both your body are connected or close together.

There also the health side of boobs and everyone should be comfortable talking about that.  There two videos that do talk about breast cancer and I hope everyone watches those. Awhile there are better topic about boobs to discussed, don’t ignore breast cancer cause it can effect us all, even men.


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