Discover Prompt Day 13: Teach

Teach, from my own personal experience as a student I learned that having a solid foundation in school subjects was important.  During my college year, I was struggling with math, calculus.  My foundation wasn’t solid enough to get through the calculus course.  It was suggested, I take pre-calculus to re-enforce my foundation.  As I moved through the course and into calculus I, and calculus II, many of my tutors made sure I understood how the previous math material I was taught related to what I was currently learning. It didn’t make me an expert, but I was able to work on my homework with out being totally lost. When I met again with my tutor, I would show my work and explain each step I took to get to the solution.

This applied this other things I was learning. Awhile in college I learned how to dance by attending one of the student dance organization on campus. Each day in the evening they taught a different style of dance. On Wednesday night, it was salsa. There, the instructor, teacher was teaching students just how to dance, very simple.  A few years later I realize after taking private lesson, I really didn’t know how to dance at all.  There was so much technique in dancing, especially leading a girl. In dancing, it the guy that tell the girl what to do, non-verbally. Using slight pressure in your hands and the connection of your and your partner body frame. So at these private lesson, I was taught the fundamentals or technique in dancing salsa.  Stuff the every guy should know if they want be able to lead a girl, that at the end of the dance, she’ll walk off the dance floor with a smile.

3 thoughts on “Discover Prompt Day 13: Teach

  1. I totally understand school foundation being strong but don’t you sometimes get frustrated that our school systems don’t teach us the real world useful knowledge and skills. I can’t believe that in 14years they can’t find a single course to teach us how to do our taxes. 🙈


    1. That what i learned over the past few years. Schools are only concerned about testing not preparing kids for the world. I remember when high schools had vocation job classes. Now they don’t but I’ve heard that people want schools to bring those type of classes back. I would love to see like a finance classes. Doing your taxes, balancing your check book, the pro and cons of credit and loans. Stuff like that or staring your own business.


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