Book #9: The Stars Are Fire

The Stars Are on Fire by Anita Shreve. 24 year Grace Holland a mother of 2 kids, Tom and Claire Holland and married to Gene Holland. October 1947 Maine is swept by drought and dried vegetation.  Fire break out and Grace is left home alone with her kids awhile her husband goes help battle the fire from advancing toward the town.  Alone, Grace is force to protect her children as the fire consumes the town and homes, include hers.  Retreating toward the coastal sea is Graces only option for her and her two children from not being burned to death.  After a stressful night protecting her children Grace begin to realize her life has been change forever.  With no clothes, no home, no money and a town burn down Grace is force to provide for herself and children.  She discover a new self from this natural disaster, but unaware of the biggest challenge that lies ahead.

There a little history tied to this book.  1947 is the year the state of Maine burn to the Ground.  17, 188 acres burned, more than 10,000 acres were burned in Acadia National park.


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