Daily Prompt : Exposed


Since I finished college 9 years ago, I’ve been on the constant search for a full-time job.  Looking here and there, applying for this job and that one. Within this 9 years time, I’ve only had a few job interviews.  Resulting in zero job offers and the job hunt has left me exposed. Not sure what else to do since it seems most employers could see right through me.  My little job experience not enough for them to consider me for any position. I get it, I lack the experience, but doesn’t mean am not motivate to get my hands dirty and learn.  These behavioral interview questions only relieve my introvert personality.  I accept for who I am and that is something I can’t change. I may not show my excitement for the position during an interview or have an out going personality, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t do the job require.  It doesn’t mean that am anti-social, hate being around people or am not a good fit for you company. It just mean that am a calm, down to earth individual and asking me a few hard question is not enough to know who am really am.


9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt : Exposed

  1. Sorry to hear the jobs search has been tough, Michael. As an introvert, I fully get where you are coming from – we really are the more reserved kind and others can be judgemental. A lot of times I’ve been to job interviews where I’ll try to be chirpy only to stumble over my words. Good luck and hope you get something at some point.

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    1. Thank Mabel:) I also find myself stumbling over my words. I know it something I need to work on, but at the same I find that these interviewer feel more like if I being interrogated.


  2. I totally understand this… I lost my job for my own excitement towards achieving soenthign else. And. When I failed miserably and started the job hunt I had to give up the high salary I used to earn… I had to give up my position as a group leader and now starting off from the basic… Keep faith, because the universe has something amazingly epic for you waiting… Just stay determined.


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