Family and Health

As we begin any new year, the one resolution people talk about is health. I need to work out, get in shape, eat more healthy etc. That my goal ever year and ever day of the year. Get healthy, stay healthy and make sure the weight never gets a gain on me. During the holidays as I saw family and cousin, I wonder if they think about their health. I don’t like to judge people life style nor would I like someone to judge my, but I do make the effort to take care of my health. I go to gym, I walk, stay way from eating fast food, don’t drink soda and just make healthy choices.  Seeing my cousins I wonder if they take the weight they gain serious. Am not perfect either and have more free time then them. I know they are busy with work and kids, but make the effort to exercise, cut back on fast food and junk food. I feel in the near future that the there will be health issues that will be knocking on their door in the near future.


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