Retrospective: Reflecting back on 2016


When I first created this blog, one of my biggest goal was to improve in my creative writing.  To challenge my self to express my thoughts into words. Something that I don’t do to well. The toughest obstacles for me in 2016 is writer blocks, what should I write? What would be interesting enough to get my followers to read and to come back to my blog, plus attract other readers.

Looking though my posts for 2016 I’ve discovered that most of my likes came from posts that were from the WordPress Daily prompt, discover challenges and the WordPress blogging courses. Here are some of the posts that had the most likes in 2016.

Life After Blog(Daily prompt)

Naked with Black Socks(Daily prompt)

Intro to Poetry: Face

Intro to Poetry: Water

The challenge I need to overcome in 2017 is creating my own writing ideas that will get the same response like those posts I listed above.  For 2016 that highest number of likes I got for my own creative post was for the second part of a science fiction story called Time Traveler part 2.  Maybe I should practice writing short stories and poems.

Some of my other postings that got some likes were my short book reviews and my art and journaling posting.  If you are new to my blog, yes I do keep a written journal and exploring my creativity side.  I am teaching myself how to draw and experimenting with watercolors, ink, and color pencil.  You can see some of my art work along with my photography on my instagram: terrazasm34.  In 2016 I did blog about some of my art challenges.  I did the watercolor challenge in the summer and also did inktober.  Awhile those post didn’t get much likes, I do know they show something else much more important.  That my art skills are improving and am really beginning to notices it. Here some of my art work that I’ve posted on my blog and other that I haven’t, but I really like.

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