Do you still get the kid treatment?

How many of you are still treated like you are 14 years old by your parents even though you are an adult?  You are in your late twenties or early thirties and they still call you when you are out and about to see if you are okay or to ask you when you are going home. 
I lived in Austin, Texas for 8 years, going to school there, living in an apartment with 2 or 3 other guys, moving around town either by walking, bus, or cab, day or night, sometime with friends and many other times, alone.  Now living here with my parents, I still get the teenage treatment when am out and about.  Now I don’t have a car and probably could have had one that they given to other siblings of mine, but I guess they felt I don’t need it.  So I have to use the bus.  Since am jobless and not financial stable I go here and there using the bus and to bring me home.  If am out for a long period of time or am late, I’ll get the phone call, ” you okay?” In my mind, am fine, I know how to take care of myself when am on the bus or in the downtown area.  I’ll admit, taking the bus at night is not comfortable, but hey as long you are aware of your surroundings you’ll be fine. yes there are a crazy people who take the bus, but whether you ride the bus, drive a car, are with a group of people, there will always be crazy people who want to hurt you or harass you.

It drives me crazy that my parent,well especially my dad still treat me like a 14-year-old.  What even worst is he’ll ask me if I want to cut my grandmother yard. I’ll say yes, cause if a good work out.  So I’ll start cutting the yard with the lawn mower and after finishing the front yard or if 20 minutes have gone by, he’ll come and take the lawn mower away from me.  Me, I don’t need a break and if I do, I’ll take it.  What would have taken me about 40 minutes to cut my grandmother lawn, now take an hour or so minutes.  Even here at home I can’t do any lawn work cause he come and take over what am doing like if am a 8 year that has no clue what am doing. Even worst, he’ll want to do it a certain way that is more work and takes longer.  Just recently our backyard was fill with tree leaves where you couldn’t take the difference between a leaf and the dog poo. So I got the lawn mower and just went over all the dead tree leaves which just shredded them.  My dad wants me to attach my lawn mower bag so it can pick up all the grass / leaves.  Me, why are to going to do that when the lawn mower just shredded all the leaves into mulch?  That just more work to do where you have to stop the lawn mower, empty the bag and re-attach it to the lawn mower and re-start it again.  It just a lot more work to do and the yard still look clean.


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