not in school, but still using a backpack

t14f_008_frontIn college when school wasn’t in session, friends of mine would see me walking around town and ask, why I carried my backpack.  Was I study or something? My simple answer was there are things to big to fit in my pockets, like a bottle of water. O did I mention I didn’t have a car, so I relied on the bus to get around town.  It was handy when I needed to carry a lot of things. When I started college ipods were not around and cell phone still didn’t have the capability to hold and play music.  So it was up to you to carry your music which was a cd player along with a small cd holder for all your cds.  That the other item that I carried inside my backpack.  It was always useful when you have a long bus ride and when you want to avoid talking to those weird people.

Today after years of finishing school, I still use a backpack when am walking around town.  Carrying my film cameras, loose change for the bus, a bottle of water, my tablet, journal notebook etc. One thing that has never change is the brand of backpack I’ve used.  A Jansport which I’ve used since 5th or 6th grade.  They are reliable and durable backpacks, plus they have/had a life time warranty.  Not sure if they still do that, but still remember sending several backpacks to Jansport only to get a new one since they couldn’t repair it or getting my old one return as if it was brand new.


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