The Storm before the calm

It been three days since Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. I would have never thought that there would be a storm before the calm. People protesting the election results, people saying,”he not my president”, it just crazy.  I would have thought that once the election were done, things would return to norm.  People would be relieved that, hey it finally over, everyone would be thankful that elections, the debate, the brain washing from the media was over.  Time to start a new chapter, to give the man, the president elect, Donald Trump a chance.

I understand that people fear the future, they fear change. I am one that also scared of change and what lies ahead, but it time for a change.  The democratic process our founding father created allows for us to elect a leader. It gives the people of this country a voice, that voice echo in our vote.  The people voiced that they wanted change, they want someone to steer this ship, the United States of American in a new direction.  That what happen late Tuesday into earlier Wednesday morning.  The citizen of this country spoke. Now if you disrespect that process, what good is it to having a democratic society?  Day after day people were told, register to vote, go out and vote.  If you didn’t that your fault, your vote could have made a difference.

Who ever you voted for, Trump, Hillary or a Independent, it time to move. Turn off the TV, staying away from social media, staying away from where you will see and hear about the election.  Take time to decompress, take a walk, read a book, do something that will get you back into a normal routine.


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