Pumpkin spice

img_20161014_224006Now that the fall season is here, even though the weather say a different story, Starbucks now has their pumpkin spice drink. I’ve always wonder what it is that people get so happy about this drink. So, I went to Starbucks and for the first time brought me a Pumpkin spice. Now am not a Starbucks person who know all their drinks and terms, nor am I a coffee drinker.

So I go to Starbucks and tell the girl, I’ll have a pumpkin spice. Me not knowing that you can get it hot or cold so I ask what she would suggest. Well she prefer it hot, but since it was warm outside I got it cold. Waited for less than a minute or two and my drink was ready.  Went to a table, sat down and got my things out of my backpack that I was going to work on awhile I tried this Pumpkin spice drink. I took a sip and immediately I could taste the pumpkin puree mixed with all the other ingredients,along with the blended ice.  After taking a second slip, in my head I was thinking, “wait a minute here.”  People get hype up about this when all it is are the basic ingredients for a pumpkin pie.  Now I’ve make pumpkin pie from scratch before and this taste and smells exactly like the pumpkin pie mix before pouring it in the pie crust.

Well I continued on with what I was planning to do which was to do my drawing entry for Inktober.  I did finish my pumpkin spice drink, which was good and got a brain freeze along with it.


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