Opinion: Presidential Election

A month from now, on Nov. 8, the American people will elect a new President.  This election, there a lot at stake:

  • appointing Supreme Court Justice
  • the Racial tension between Cops, black, White, muslim.
  • Immigration and the border
  • The economy and much more.

You all know the two candidates you will have to pick from.  Those who are reading oversea in another country, the candidates are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  Of course there are some independent, but the media hardly focus on those candidates.  Which is kind of sad.

We all know that the media always favorite one candidate then the other.  In this election the media is against Trump and favors Hillary Clinton.  That the message I get when watching the different networks.  Whatever the media reports, I think it important the voters make up their own mind and look at the facts to determine who they want as their President.

It a tough decision to make with all the new recent headlines that have come to light and have shifted focus away from the real issues Americans want to hear. Now the tone will be that Trump shouldn’t be President because of his nasty language about women. I totally disapprove what he said, but I can forgive him because no one is perfect in this world.  We all have said nasty things to each other. Whether if be a man talking about a women, a women talking about another women, or women talking about a man etc.  We are all guilty of it and that shouldn’t be your number one reason not to consider him as your pick.

I believe it important to weigh each of the issues and which candidate offer a solution that you can agree with. One person that I know, won’t vote for Trump because of his Immigration position. That the only and one reason this person won’t consider or vote for him.  That their right, however they want to vote, but I believe it a selfish one.

So you may wonder how I am voting. I am leaning toward Trump, it’s a change from the last few presidents we have had.  As they say, you can go crazy listen to the same tone over and over again.  Listening to Trump discuss the issues, I feel that not many politician would take that stand because of the fear of losing support, keeping their lobbyist buddies happy, and are just career politician who want to stay in office and throw you the finger.  That is something I see in Hillary.  In the last debate, I swear, that simile was fake.  You could see the devil horns on her head and read her thoughts, ” This will be like taking candy away from a baby.”

In the next few weeks I don’t think it going to be pretty bet ween the two candidates. The media will be hunting to get any story that can be used against Trump and ignoring those stories that can harm Clinton. I hope all americans can look behind the news headlines and decide which candidate will best lead our country.



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