Daily Prompt: Unfinished


As we move forward in life there will be situations that we leave unfinished. Not finishing school, emotions that we bottled up inside, that haven’t been released. The list can go on and on.  For me, my unfinished business haunts me when I fall asleep at night. Not every night, but will randomly just happen. It something I would think I would have just forgotten, but deep in my subconscious mind it still there. A feeling of unspoken words that I never let out and were never heard. Now in my dream I try to finish what is unfinished. Trying to tell this one person something I never told anyone. When I wake up from this dream, I wonder why am I dreaming about this? I have a lot of other unfinished situations that I need to care to. Then maybe that the way your mind is telling you that you’re not at peace until you have resolve this unfinished business.

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