Is it a confident issue or something else

I had my second job interview of 2016 which is really disappointing and am still confuse on why I can’t get more interviews and a job.  Some people I’ve talk to and family members say you need to be confident when you go to these interviews.  In the back of my head it not a confident issue because I know I can handle any job duties that come with the job. Yes I am nervous when it comes to interviewing, but who isn’t nervous when interviewing for a job?  I think part of the nervousness comes that all these question they ask you will only expose my lack of job experience. Hiring me will mean training a rookie to do that job which I think most companies would rather hire someone that has experience. If am called for a second interview this will only show am the weak candidate, because they will issues a series of test such as using excel, data entry and some other things. Now am a beginner when it come to excel and a rookie when it comes to using the latest version of word, excel, powerpoint. Kind of hard to stay current on the latest technology when you are unemployed.

I would like to end this post with a question about interviewing for job.  Do you have a hard time make eye contact with the person interviewing you?  I find it difficult making eye contact with the interviewer. When do, i feel strange, like if my eye are pulling be away to look somewhere else. It a weird feeling, like if I going to black out.  I think the next time I interview I might not wear my glasses.


One thought on “Is it a confident issue or something else

  1. I have the opposite problem, sometimes I feel like I’m staring at the interviewer too intently! My biggest advice would be to keep practicing, apply and interview at retail jobs or try to do informational interviews so you can just get more comfortable with what to say and how to present yourself well. Best of luck!


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