Daily Prompt: Summer


Well Summer is now officially here, the dog’s days of summer are upon us.  Public pools will be busy, air conditions will be on full blast, people will be sweating, and with summer, people often dress with less and light clothing. Men with shorts, a shirt, or no shirt and sun glasses.  Women short shorts, or a dress, tank top or shirt that exposes their cleavage. Wearing a outfit to work on the tan.  Sunglasses and flip-flops. Kids with their cute little summer outfits, soaking their month on a ice cream cone or a snow cone. The battle to stay cool and fresh is a fearless struggle both for human, our furry friends and many other animals.


Taking my morning walk in the downtown area, the smell, the humidity and the mornings slowly heating up, remains me of the summers during my teenage years.  Attending summer school at a local university and having to take the public bus to get to my destination.  Having to dress comfortably to stay cool from walking around campus and sometime the activities we would do outside.  My face and other kids face turning red from being in the heat or from walking/running around.  Even though we were kids and didn’t know better, instead of drinking water, we would be drinking a cold soda along with some chips. At the end of the day I was on the bus again heading home. Tired not summer school, but the hot summer heat.











During my morning walk, just being outside, feeling the heat, humidity, plus the summer smell remind me of my early teenage years when I attending a summer program or you may call it summer school.  Going to the bus stop, waiting and feeling the morning humidity on my skin. Only to feel a sign of relief when the bus stopped and open it doors for me to walk in and feel the cool air from it air condition.  As I got to my destination, a local university, stepping off the bus only to feel the summer humidity and my body begin to sweat again. During the summer months this was my routine.

When I walk around town and taking small break in the shade to cool off, it alway interesting to take note how people stay cool in the summer heat.



One thought on “Daily Prompt: Summer

  1. Awww…thanks for reminding me to appreciate the year-round summer weather we get here in South Florida:) I sometimes curse it, but I should be thankful:)


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