Discover Challenge: Analog


Call me old fashion, but I love the analog world.  I grew up during the 80s and 90s before the digital revolution took over the world.  Don’t get me wrong, digital is cool, but when you grew up in the analog world, things were just simple. Simple that it didn’t control our life. There were only a few channels to pick from when deciding what to watch on TV.  If not, you were outside with friends,listening to music on those good o cassette taps or vinyl records.

Today I try to incorporate both analog and digital in my daily life. I still shoot film today using both a Nikon FM10 and a Canon AE-1 camera.  Since I don’t develop my own film, I have to wait for it get developed so I can see my photographs. It always interesting when I get stop by someone, “are you shooting film?” or “is that a canon AE-1 camera?”. One guy told me I was hardcore for shooting film.  Every now and then I get ask why I don’t shoot digital, it cheaper. Well I can give you several reasons, but I think the number one reason is that it just doesn’t feel the same. To give a simple way of thinking about it, do you prefer a home cook meal or one of those ready meals you can heat up in the microwave?

Beside film photography, I also enjoy journaling, both writing and art.  I keep a journal where I use pen, color pencil, water-color to write my thoughts and express my creativity. Am sure a lot of people forget the enjoyment these type of things bring to us.  They are simple, they exercise your mind and help reduce the tension and stress.  Today people are so zoned and glue to a screen. We’ve become zombies in this digital age where we would prefer to interact with our phone then have a verbal conversation with a stranger at Starbucks or a family member. The advantage of the digital age is I can share my film photography along with my simple art and writing with the rest of the world. If you are one who also express similar interest in film photography or/and journaling please feel free to follow me here or on my photo blog.

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