May 2000, just finished my last day in high school and will be crossing the stage.  In three months, I will begin a journey in the world of learning.  My mind a empty hard drive ready to be loaded with new software and updates.

As I move away from home, to a university dorm, and then to my own apartment, I learned a variety of things.  Some of these things self-taught, some learned by taking a class, and some requiring time and practice to learn.  Throughout my years attending college I learned how to dance by joining a dance club and reinforcing it with a class, private lessons, plus going to the clubs and social dancing.  Dancing is like any sport where you have to practice in order to get better and it helps to have a dance partner to.

The internet began to take over our life when I was attending college.  I began to teach my self html and css to built my personal website,plus to add it as a skill that I could sale to employers.  During my last three years in college I took addition classes such as photoshop and programming to enhance the skills I already acquired.

Living in an apartment also meant frequent visits to the swimming pool area during the spring/summer seasons.  A get away visit from all the learning and stress of attending a big university.  I was never a big fan of hanging around the pool area beside the beautiful college girls working on their tan and wearing their bikini.  One reason is that I didn’t know how to swim, so I stayed away. In fact I was just never taught how to swim when I was little.  It just happened that I needed an elective class and an easy class to boast my gpa, so I took a beginner swimming class.  I took the class three times.  Each time improving and learning how to swim and float.  By the end of my first time enrolled in the class, I learned and mastered how to float.  The second time I got down how to breath when doing the free style and still practicing how to recover when I needed to stop awhile in the pool. The toughest challenge was being able to tread water awhile being in the olympic swimming pool.  I was finally able to do that when I took the class again for a third time. Yes!, a third time, but it paid off in the end.  I was comfortable swimming on my own and now I had a good reason to hang out at the pool area.  Any guy would say, just to check out the beautiful girls is a good enough reason.  For me, now I wouldn’t feel like the only one in the pool who would just sit and stand in the pool and couldn’t swim.

4 thoughts on “Learning

  1. What inspiration. Being able to teach yourself all those things along side attending college. I love that you took swimming lessons 3 times. Like you I dont know how to swim. I remember taking many lessons when I was younger but still not grasping it. I’m realizing late in life that it is never too late. Thank you for being honest in this.


  2. One is truly never too old to learn anything once they put their minds to it.
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