Daily Prompt: Phase


Just like the phases of the moon, the journey through life has phases.  Those phases will be different for everyone and might occur at different times, but am sure there one certain phase that we all try to reach.  The Full-phase, where we are happy with our life. Of course happiness has a different meaning to all of us.  For some it be being married and have a family, other might be having that successful career.

For me, if the phases of the moon is a representation of the phases of life, I would be somewhere between the first quarter half-moon and the waxing Gibbous moon.  Still trying to work on getting to the Full-moon.  At the moment am in that phase trying to find work/career. It been a struggle trying to find full-time work and have been searching for eight years already.

Of course once you reach a phase it doesn’t end there.  We continue on through the journey of the phases, just like the moon does.  Then we repeat it again and again throughout our life journey here on earth.


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