Book #3 Collector of Secrets

1940610338I finished my 3rd book for 2016,Collectors of Secrets by Richard Goodfellow.  An American, Max Travers working aboard in Japan teaching english and in love with a beautiful Japanese girl.  His boss, Yoko a manipulative woman who withhold Max’s passport that he need to return home.  Max decided to breaking into his boss office to retrieve his passport, but walks into a burglary taking place. Max escape this burglary, but accidentally take an old diary which Yoko father has had in his possession for several years.  Max unaware of the importance of the diary is now being hunted by the Yakuza who will do whatever is necessary to get that diary, even kill. Max is now on the run not only from police, but the Yakuza and a secret American who works for a highly position officials and will kill to get their hands on the diary. It is now life and death and in order to survive, Max must solve the diary’s secret.


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