Daily Prompt: Bedtime


Weird, last night I was preparing my journal page to write about bedtime/sleep and today daily prompt is bedtime. The last two days, I’ve been telling myself that I will go to bed earlier.  That didn’t happen and I ended up going to bed at 1am.  My reason for wanting to go to sleep earlier is I start my temporary job this week and just wanted my body to get into a pattern of going to sleep earlier. Sometime I wonder if it the lack of sleep or if I get bored at this job. Staring at a computer and reading papers that I doze off every now and then.  Also I have to wake up earlier to so I can beat morning traffic for a long commute.  It not the temporary job that I would like to have, but for now it keep me a float financially.

Since I don’t have a full/part job I am usually up late watching tv or working on my blog.  This is the only time where it peace and quite at home and have a little bit of privacy to do this things and not be interrupted.


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