If we were having coffee..

If we were having coffee, well I would be having a cup of cold ice tea. If we haven’t me before maybe we should introduce our selves first. I would mention to you about my journal that I been keeping and that I am 5 pages away from finish my first journal notebook.

It been a challenge keeping a personal journal.  The challenge is, what should I write about.  Most people would say write about your day.  Well my day is always a repeat of yesterday and the day before that.  Since am unemployed, my day is just waking up in the morning, getting dress, go to the gym, come home, eat, feed my dogs and that my day. Yeah it a boring life, but I do have my dogs to keep me company. If you keep a journal, what do you write about?

Beside writing in my journal, I also doodle in there to: drawing and water coloring.  I also keep another drawing notebook where I draw portraits and whatever else come to mind.

After that I would mention about books that I’ve read and the last one that I read was The Dead Assassin by Vaughn Entwistle. I haven’t been keeping with my reading because I’ve been focus on my journal and also working on my blogs.

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