Daily Prompt: Street


Walking the streets of downtown, I always make sure that I have my camera with me.  The streets filled with people from all walks of life, each person with their own story on why they are walking the street. Some here on business, other visiting, local people working retail and restaurants, other trying to get from point A to B.


Then there me, someone whose interested in photography, trying to capture the street life awhile I do my weekend walks.  It always nerve-racking when trying to photograph someone in the public street of downtown.  Not know whether they will response in a confrontation way or will react in a positive way.

I use my best judgement whether to take a photo or to let it pass.  Sometime its easier to photograph people on the street when there a public event going.  Where am not the only person with a camera trying to photograph people attending the event.


Walking the streets every now and then you will meet people who don’t mind you taking their picture. Other time people will stop you and comment on my camera that am using. A SLR film camera and are surprise that am still using it. One time a little boy ask me if he could hold my camera and then after 5 or 10 seconds said, “Where do I see the pictures?” Realizing there was no screen on the back of my film camera.


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