Daily Prompt: Handwriting


Dear Handwriting,

Sorry I’ve ignore you for a long time.  It seems like yesterday when I first handwriting-2met you in second grade.  Learning who you are and the curvy characteristic when I guide my pen with my hand, imprinting words on a piece of white paper. As our relationship evolved, you were important in my life.  Whenever I had to write, you were there, when ever my signature was need, you were there.

Then the war of technology separated us. Technology keep us apart because  society decided that handwriting was no longer an important skills to teach and use.  Everything now was digital, ones and zero, no need to write things down on paper.  Will we ever see each other again? Maybe from time to time, when a handwritten signature is require or when I take time to actually write a letter or story in a paper journal instead of on a computer. Maybe one day the war of technology will end with the uses of a EMP weapon where technology will be destroy and man will invert back to handwriting.


Your Lost Friend


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