Book #2: The Dead Assassin

510jVt407BLI’ve been slacking off in reading lately and some of the books I’ve been reading, have not kept my attention to keep on reading them.  Today, I finally finished my second book, The Dead Assassin by Vaughn Entwistle. I will be honest, I’ve never read any of Sherlock Homes books or Frankstein books, but when reading this book that what I felt I was reading. If you were to take both of those books and put them together that will basically give you an idea of what to expect in reading The Dead Assassin. Of courses there more, but wouldn’t want to spoil the fun and enjoyment of reading this book.

Conan Doyle a famous writer is summoned to assist in a horrible crime scene involving a highly government official.  Calling on his friend Oscar Wilde to assist him in solving this crime, both are caught in the middle of something that is much bigger and stranger then just your ordinary crime scene. Conan and Wilde discovery that there a plot to assassin other highly government officials, but learn that the killer is someone or something the disobeys the laws of nature. Their knowledge of this information put their family and their friend lives in danger.


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