When you write, who is watching you?


When I write it difficult to write when you have witnesses that can see what you are doing or pop in your room to ask or tell you something. I try to do most of my writing or drawing late in the evening when at least everyone asleep.  If they happen to be heading my way, I will switch my computer screen or if I writing in my journal, I’ll just try to mask what am doing with my arm.

My number one witness is my dog Lilly who will stay near my side whether I am sitting down watching tv, in my room where she will lay on my bed or if am on the computer she lay right near the desk. When she near by watching what am doing or just there, I feel that she must be some type of secret angel sent to watch over me.  Not there to ask questions on what am writing or question what am doing, just to be present and just watch.  The majority of the time she asleep awhile I am writing or drawing, only to wake up when I leave.


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