Part 2 – Haircut

Part 1 – Haircut

photo-1455824116325-29097b5f6366We all remember our early teenage years when we began to discover ourselves, when self-image was important and is still is today.  When you wanted to look cool in front of you friends. You began to experiment with different trends.

For me at this time I began to look for a different hair cut style.  My hair would grow out fast and I no longer wanted to get a boy’s hair cut. At one time awhile getting a hair cut, the hair stylist cutting my hair that made it look like flat top hair cut.  It wasn’t bad, but I was glad that my hair grew out fast.  My older brother would introduce me to his hair cut style, a fade hair cut.  A fade is a low maintenance hair cut style.  It stuck with me since middle, through high school and college and I continue to get that same hair cut style today.  Its the only hair style that fits me and I don’t see myself switching to any other hair cut style, unless I go bald. During my teenage years it became a routine to cut my hair every two weeks. Why every two weeks? I just can’t stand having my hair grow out. It feel like I have pressure on my head, but when I cut it, I feel relieved and refreshed. Every two weeks usually corresponded with the day my dad got paid.  At that time it only costed six or seven dollars to cut my hair.  Today the price has risen to twelve dollars.

I also met my hair stylist who was a lady that would cut my hair during my teenage years, when I would come home to visit from college and she still cuts my hair today.  She been cutting my hair for about 21 years and has seen me grow up. When I sit down on the chair, she knows exactly what hair cut am getting, but she does ask just to make sure.  She is awesome nice lady who is a favorite among both male and female customers. It will be strange when the time comes that I would have to look for another hair stylist. I’ve only had to do that once, which was when I was living in Austin, Texas and found these four out going and friendly ladies that cut hair near campus. During the time I lived there, 3 out of the four ladies had cut my hair. It not that I didn’t want her to cut my hair or she didn’t want to, it that there was always one of the three ladies available to cut my hair. The fourth lady was always nice and very busy with her customers.


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