Fat Tuesday

Happy Fat Tuesday! So this week was Mardi Gras and to be honest, I really don’t know the whole meaning and history of Mardi Gras.  With the exception that it leads to Ash Wednesday.  Living here in south Texas, I’ve never heard or learned why people celebrate it nor was it ever brought up in school.  You’ll know like the way Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter etc are.

I first found out about Mardi Gras during my first year in college.  It wasn’t the most appropriate way to learning about Mardi Gras.  A few of my friends and I went downtown one evening to see what going on in the sixth street area. For such it wasn’t a parade you hear about with the colorful floats with the Mardi Gras theme colors and people dressed in outfits and tossing beads towards the crowd.  We walked down a crowded street filled with people and the smell of smoke from cigarettes.  People in bars, clubs, and on balconies having a good time. As we got further into the dense crowd we see guys circling around women and cheering.  Then you will hear within that cheer and from the distance, “show me your boobs!” Then you will see both young college girls and older women picking up their shirt revealing their un-tan breast.  Men and women tossing beads at them from the buildings balconies.  At the same time receiving them from people on the street.  Continuing on down the street, walking through the dense crowd with police officers standing and on horseback watching the crowd like sheep.  We would see ladies circle by group of guys plus a few girls and the same result, women revealing their breast and exchange get colorful beads. My friends and I would also participate eventually convincing one girl for her panties for a number of beads ranging in different sizes.  Walking down the street you would either see people participate,observe and photograph what was going on.  Sometime all the above or just one as where I saw a few Asian girls just photography the women exposing their breast to the crowd and cheering. At the end of the night you just see women with tons of beads as the crowds head home.


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