Time Traveler

Walking through a crowded flea market after enjoying some breakfast tacos, her brown eyes glaze upon a camera at one of the vendors selling antiques.  Having no knowledge of photography or cameras, this particular one seems like a cool antique to decorate her new apartment.  Looking at the price, tag $20.00 dollars seem like a great bargain.  approaching an old gypsies lady, “I would like to buy that camera.” The lady not saying a word, but giving the young girl a strange look as she received the twenty-dollar bill. The young girl feeling the hairs on the back of her neck raise up.

Returning to her apartment she begin cleaning the camera with a cloth and randomly starts playing with the camera as she was a professional photographer.  Then her small fingers press down the release button.  A mechanical click echo in her living room apartment along with an instant bright flash. Within a nano second she was no long in the comfort of her living room apartment, but in a hallway with young ladies wearing white uniform and white nurse’s cap. Confused and scared of what has happened she begin slowly walking down the hallway and see an empty nurse front desk. She looks around at the desk, seeing if her eyes can find anything to explain what has happen and where exactly she at. Lifting her head up, glazing at her reflection in a small mirror hanging on the back wall. Her reflection revealing that she too is dressed in a nurses uniform with a engrave name tag “Maggie” her name above her left breast. With a silence voice says, “oh no!” and then looking toward the right of the mirror a calendar that had the wrong month and year that she knows. Reading it with the same silence voice, “December 1941.”

**Hope you enjoyed reading this.  I though I give a try on creating a science-fiction story. Not done yet, but will create a part 2 to the story.**


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