Dancing: Part I

How did I get so interested in dancing or to be more specific, salsa dancing. Well  before I answer that let me tell you a little secret.  I never knew how to dance nor was I taught when I was growing up.  You would think your parents would teach their kids how to dance, if they know themselves.  I know my parents do because  I’ve  seen them do it at weddings and at my cousin quinceanera.  Quinceanera! that brings up memories when I was the trick in standing in one, but never told  I had to dance. I was just about 7  and was shy and really wasn’t into the whole dancing thing.  I remember feeling like Frankenstein, very stiffed and not having a clue on what I was doing. As I moved on through my teenage years, I avoided any dance related activities.  Just was scared and felt lost of not knowing how to dance.  The only dance related activities I didn’t skip was prom. I did dance once, but it was that free style dance which I probably look stupid since I had no rhythm and look like a robot.

I had hope that was the last time I would dance, but that didn’t happen.  Summer came and I was soon in the middle of a freshman orientation where I had to spend the night in the dorms for a few days.  During that time I found myself dancing again with a girl I didn’t know during a dance for incoming freshmen.  Again felt lost and stiff because it was the free style dance.  Soon, I found myself living in that same dorm room, living away from my parents and a new world to explore on my own.  One night I was walking the campus at night as my friend went off partying or getting hazed by their fraternity.  I walked into a building with a ballroom where they were teaching salsa to a large group before a dance. I have to admit, it got me curious for a moment which got the attention of the girl watching the front door.  Asking me, would l like to come in, but I refused and continued my evening walk around campus.

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