Going solo!

Last weekend I finally have the nerve of going to the movie theater on my own. Oh! I watched Star Wars:The Force Awakening, which was a awesome movie. I don’t know, but to me there just something weird about going to the movies by yourself.  Don’t you think? When I think, going to the movies, you go with family, friends, or your boy/girlfriend. Maybe it just me. Going solo wasn’t bad at all even though there were a lot people together.  I did see a few people who were there by themselves, which made me feel better.  Most of them were guys, who probably just like me couldn’t find anyone to come with them. They probably prefer to go by themselves since it saves them some money. For me, I don’t mind spending the extra money just to have a friend along.  Do you go the movies solo or with someone? Do you have preference?

2 thoughts on “Going solo!

  1. Sometimes I would actually like to go alone. I rather like my own company and there are a lot of movies I would like to see that no one else in my family is interested in.

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