Part 1: Haircut

Do you remember your first haircut? Most guys probably do remember 351643c24b951ae288738db36e902901their first haircut.  Your parents taking you to the barbershop  and you having to sit on their lap awhile the barber cuts your hair.  Maybe you sat on that special seat for kids that raised you a little higher for the barber to cut your hair.  Where you one of those kids that cried and screamed because you didn’t want to cut your hair or were just afraid?  I remember I was one of those kids. I hated going to get my haircut. My dad would take my older brother and I to one of those old school barbershop.  Today I still remember the place and the experience.

Walking in and to the right, light green chairs, stack against the wall. To the left as you entered an antique cash register.  As you looked towards the wall a long mirror and beneath it a long counter top with dresser drawers and a sink.  I remember there were four old gentlemen, each sitting in their 360 rotating chair which was in front of the long mirror.  The one thing that stood out to me about this barbershop was an old school Budweiser sign, along with airplane models made out of beer cans, right above the soda machines.

My dad would walk me to one of the four gentlemen and pick me up onto the special seat and tell the gentlemen, “a boys haircut.” I would sit there listening to the sound of scissors, cutting my hair.  Feeling his hand go through my hair, grabbing pieces of it between his two fingers and cutting it.  The worst part was when he would rotate the chair so I was facing the long mirror and seeing my sad face. The sad face of a boy who didn’t want a haircut.  Before the barber finished, he would go to a small machine that would release a white foam, shaving cream.  Putting it on the back of my neck, feeling nice and warm, then using one of those razor knife or shaving knifes to shave the hair on the back of my neck.  Once done using a warm paper towel to clean off any remaining shaving cream. Taking one last look in the mirror and saying, “all done!” My dad coming to help me off the special set and telling me to go sit down awhile he gets a hair cut.


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