Book #1 for 2016:The Silence of Ghosts

silenceofghostI’ve completed reading my first book of 2016.  I started off the New Year reading a horror ghost book. It called, The Silence of Ghosts by Jonathan Aycliffe.  Why did I pick this book to start my reading goal for 2016?  This book takes place during World War II, which is one of my favorite history topic that I like to read and talk about.  Also the history channel is one of tv channel I like to watch.  Well just to give you a brief summary this book take place during World War II and a young boy, Dominic Lancaster enlisted in the Navy where he is injured in battle and has one of his leg amputated. He is sent home to recover from his injury, but the bombing in Europe by the Nazi blitz has increased.  His parents, send him along with his deaf sister Octavia to an abandon family home on the shores of Ullswater. There, Dominic meets his new nurse, Rose who will assistance him in recovery from his war injury.  Rose and Dominic become great friend which lead to a romantic relationship, but at the same time, Octavia begin hearing voices and seeing children within the house. Dominic and Rose not sure what to do about house, but suddenly Octavia becomes ill.  Dominic return to parents home and begin researching his family history, along with the history of the estate and his father business.  Discovering that there a dark evil that not only threaten his sister, but Rose and himself.

I finished this book in two days and I was glued to keep on reading especially when Dominic seeking answer to what going on in the house.


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