Daily Prompt: Stroke of Midnight

Stroke of Midnight

Where were you last night at midnight? Would you have wanted to be somewhere else?

Last night I spent my last day, hour, minutes, and seconds of 2015 at home. I would not prefer to be at home, but most people I know celebrate New Year with beer which is not my style of celebrating. So New Year is just another day for me, but I don’t mind staying here at home, since I had a little furry friend to watch over.  She afraid of the firework sounds, so I stay near by her to keep her clam and just so she know that she is safe. Poor thing is so afraid of fireworks, her heart race so fast, her body shaking, and she trying to find a place in the house to hide from the sound of the neighbors firework. With 20 minutes left in 2015 I wrote my last entry of the year in Journal. Thought that would be a great way to end 2015.

If I didn’t have the responsibility of taking care of my little furry friend I wouldn’t mind being somewhere else.  I would love to travel the world on New Year and see how it is celebrated in other countries.  What do people do and is there certain cultural traditions they incorporate into their celebration.  Like for me and other Hispanic families, making menudo is a culture food that we make on New Year. It also a great soup to eat to help with the hang over from drinking. Some of the countries I would like to visit and celebrate New Years would be Australia, China, Japan.

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Stroke of Midnight

  1. My furry friend was scared of fireworks the first time… now he runs to the patio doors a attacks them! From window to doors to windows… until the show is over! Much better than the shaking and crying the first year!


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