Daily Prompt: Flaws


What is your worst quality?

I’ve read a blog post by @rosemawrites that got me thinking a little more about what my flaws or worst qualities as a human being.  Thinking about it and thinking hard, I still don’t know what my worst qualities are.  I know I have flaws, but don’t actually know what they are beside the most obvious ones like looks.

Some people have told me that I am blunt or a.k.a smart alec.  Others have told me that what they like about me.  I am one who will tell you the truth, I’ll tell you how I see it, but of course I do exercise caution.  Sometimes silence is the best answer, but sometime people ask silly/stupid questions/comments that should get a silly/stupid answer.

Maybe one of my flaws if it consider a flaw is that I have reserve personality.  That could explain why none my friends don’t bother calling me or asking me if I would like to hang out. I love to socialize with people, but maybe am the boring type of person to hang out with.

Well I hope that one day I have a better idea of what my flaw or worst qualities are.  I know I have a few because everyone in my family have a flaw that we all know about.  I just don’t know what my are.

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