Daily Prompt: Secret Admirers

Secret Admirers

You return home to discover a huge flower bouquet waiting for you, no card attached. Who is it from — and why did they send it to you?

Arriving home from work, he sees a flower bouquet sitting on the front porch table. Red and yellow lilies in a clear vase with water.   Wondering who they are from and thinking the delivery person must have made a mistake.  Searching through the flower vase for a card or note to identify the sender, but there wasn’t such a note.  Picking up the beautiful bouquet and unlocking his front door, he walks in and mentally makes a list of possible suspects who would send him flowers.  Samantha!, No!, Sarah! No!, she and Nick have been hanging out a lot, must be something going on there.  Monique! nah, she wasn’t interested in a relationship, plus she going to study aboard.  Damn! this must be a joke.  What girl would send me a bouquet?  There must be some meaning since they are red and yellow lilies.  Awhile feeding his dogs and putting fresh water in their bowl, still couldn’t think of anyone.  Beside who would be so interested in me to send me flowers.  No one ever pays attention to me or signal they have a crush on me.  After an hour of thinking about this bouquet, it time to give it to someone that will brighten their day.  I’ll give it to the nice lady three houses down.  She very nice and who put in a good word for me to get this job that I have.  He gets out a plain white index card and writes, “Thank You for your help.  Your Neighbor.”  He walks to her house and leaves the bouquet on a small table near her front door and walk back home with a smile.

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