2nd job interview for 2015

Today I had my 2nd job interview for 2015. Yes! only had 2 interview since we start 2015. Applying here and there, just never get the email or phone call. Today job interview was at one of the local university which I’ve applied to several positions for the past three years. The position I was being interview for was for a record and data admission position.
So you are probably wondering how did the interview go. I think it went okay, but the only thing that bugs me the most are some of the questions they ask you. Before the interview started, the lady that was doing the interview says I need to ask you some questions just to get to know you a little more and see if you’ll fit in. I understand it all part of the process, but for me I think asking me those questions you’ll never know who I am as a person. I really feel the only way you can really know who I am is for you be around me. Of course I did answer all her questions with the best answer I could give for each question. The questions that I struggle with the most are those situational, behavior questions. Not the one on what would you do or how would you respond to a situation, but questions such as these: Whats one positive and negative things your last boss would say about you?
Something else that is bugging me about the interview was that it was schedule for next week, but the lady called me on Tuesday saying that she has an opening today(Friday) if I would like to come in. I said, yes I could come in on Friday, but when thinking about it some more, maybe they already decided on a candidate. It make sense since today  I ask her when they would make their decisions and notify the candidate they been selected.  Her response was by this coming Monday. Also this position is still posted on their human resources site, so that probably not a good sign that I will be the candidate pick for the job.


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