Las manos empren el los bolsillos de su gaban

Take the third line of the last song you heard, make it your post title, and write for a maximum of 15 minutes. GO!

Ruben Blades Pedro Navajas

Las manos sempren en los bolsillos de su gaban.  Translate to, both hands awlays in his overcoat pocket

Both hands always in his overcoat pocket. Walking you see his warm breath breeze through the cold air. His dark coat keeping his body warm as he walk, his body posture resemble that of a soldier. head held up high, his upper body straight. Dress in black slakes and black shining dress shoes that display the reflection of the street light near by. His shoes releasing a small echo sound from the impact with the asphalt. Stranger passing by keep their distant as they see this man walking with his hand in his pocket. The ladies staring at him with excitement, seeing a man dress up. Clean shave, hair comb, and the scent of his cologne. Men staring, not know whether to approach the man, but aware he an alpha that is respectable.

Continuing to walk in a cold evening night, with the sky clear there suddenly a ring echoing from his body.  With both his hand in his pocket, his right hand come out of his right coat pocket holding a cell phone.  He answer it, “hello!”.  On the other side a of phone, a young lady, where are you?  we are at the club already.  The men responds, am just right outside the door.


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