How Did You Learn About Sex?

Alright students, let have two different lines, one all boys and another line all girls.  The boys will follow Mr.J and the girls will follow Ms.S. The students knew why they were separated boys and girls.  Each of them returning a form with their parents signature giving the school and the teacher their permission and informing them of the topic that was going to be discussed to their children.

The boys were taken to one room and the girls taken to another.  Each gender were about to get the talk about the changes going on in their bodies.  It the talk that every parent doesn’t feel comfortable talking about to their children. Either because of fear, lack of education or the fear that their children will get to curious or all the above.

The talk about sex, nothing in detail, just the basic anatomy of the male and female. How their body changes as they grow and about the sperm and the egg. Of course elementary school got to keep it rated PG.

Moving on through middle and high the discussion of sex become a little more detailed, but nothing that most kids didn’t already here know from talking with other students.  Remember internet wasn’t available to the public as it is now where student can just google, “safe sex” or other related words to find information.

In high school it was health class that gave a more detailed talk about sex and the importance of condoms. Both male and female.  It was probably the only class where students were able to ask those questions about how to not get pregnant and know what myths were true and false.  This class was also the first time many except for those females who were moms or about to be moms, see an actual real time video of a female giving birth. From the beginning to the end when the placenta is delievered.


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