Writing 101

I enter my email address, along with my blogging address.  I scroll down and selected only one from the 3 choices.  Clicking submit, am excited and can’t wait until I get my first email.

A few weeks gone by, and on a Sunday evening I check my email.  One email an introduction by the administrator and another my first assignment.  Excited to begin and start reading the instructions. Right away my brain start processing, sending electro impulses going through my body toward my hands and fingers that are typing away the information in those electro impulses.

Typing, deleting, reading and re-reading. Some more typing and deleting and more re-reading. Finally I typed everything that my brain has being signally my fingers to type.  Then I head to the world where others who just like me will share what they have typed.  Where bloggers, from writers, photographers, artist, teachers, etc will meet other strangers. Strangers miles and miles away, someone we never met in the physical world, but strangers that have a common interest.  The interest to write, to become better writers, to explorer and develop a talent that some never knew they had and others to leap forward in writing.  The Common, so here my assignment, I write because…..


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