Writing 101: A map as your muse

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If there anything in the world that I would like to do “right now” and I mean “right now” is travel. It the #1 thing I must do before I die. I haven’t even left the state that live in. The furthest I’ve travel is like 2 hours away depending on traffic where I went to school. The only thing that holding me back from traveling is money, I don’t have a job. Well I won’t bore you with details. The very first place I would like to go to is Italy and visit Pompeii.

Why Italy? Why Pompeii? Since I was a kid I would go the library I check out books about volcanoes and read about them and the ring of fire. It was just something I’ve founding interesting. Volcanoes are just awesome, just what they can do and how they effect our planet. Pompeii is an example of what a volcano can do. Destroying a city, but at the same time preserve it including the residences who lived there. You’ve all seen images of the people who were cover with volcanic hot ash from Mt.Vesuvius and that it solidify their bodies. They are frozen in time, allowing us to see their final moments on this earth.


One thought on “Writing 101: A map as your muse

  1. Oh I can relate. I have never travelled as well because, yeah, I cannot afford it. I haven’t been out of my country ever as well! 😀

    Your interest in volcanoes is fascination, too! 😀


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