Writing 101: Mine your own material

We all have to grow up. We have to leave those childish thing behind us such as playing with toys. If you were a girl that might be playing with Barbie dolls. If you were boy, you probably play with toy guns, or those plastic army soldiers. As we grow up we have to let those things go. What would your boy/girlfriend or just friends think if they knew you still played with children toys.  Probably wouldn’t look cool or normal.

For me growing up as kid, I collected basketball cards.  I was just
beginning to learn how to play basketball and was introduce to collecting cards and other memorabilia from my cousin. I did this for a few years, going to the flea markets on the weekend, buying packet of basketball card, looking for other memorabilia that I could afford with $5 or $10 dollars. Once I was in middle school, I left behind the whole collecting cards. They were stored away in a plastic box, along with other things of mind.


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