Writing 101: One-Word Inspiration


If you ever met me in person, you will find out that am a hard working and reliable person.  Since I left college I have found out that even if you do whatever is within your power, sometime that is not enough.   For about 7 years, I’ve been looking for full-time employment, doing everything in my power to get a job. Doing everything on my own, learning and wondering what I could do differently.  For sometime now, I feel that there is a uncertainty about my future.

This uncertainty that hovers over me, I wonder if my life will have any purpose.  Will I ever be self independent, financially, will am be able to accomplish my other goals such as traveling the world, having a relationship, starting a family. It been difficult living with this uncertainty, just because am a adult, I should be able to make it on my own, but here I am living with my parents.

Living in uncertainty make you feel  uncertain about things.  Make you second guess yourself and the decision you make.  I’ve become of aware this  because of questions I’ve been ask during job interview about my qualifications and if I can do the task. Sometime I feel uncertainty if I should apply for this job and whether I would want to work there.

For now the only to deal with uncertainty, is hope and pray that thing change for me.  That there will be someone out there, a employer who will give me a opportunity to not only show what I can do, but learn and make mistake to learn from.  Hopefully I don’t make to many mistakes.  From there, maybe everything else will fall into it rightful place.



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