Writing 101: Write a List

Things I like:

  1. film photography
  2. dancing(salsa, merengue)
  3. astronomy(stargazing, lunar eclipse)
  4. history
  5. A Civilize discussions about anything even those topic that no one like to talk about.
  6. Blogging
  7. dogs( I have 3)
  8. taking a walk(day or night)
  9. meeting new people
  10. working out
  11. growing a garden
  12. a afternoon thunderstorm with lightning
  13. getting my haircut( hmm probably should write a post about that)
  14. girls( Hey, am guy:) )
  15. The History channel
  16. Syfy channel
  17. Visiting historical sites




8 thoughts on “Writing 101: Write a List

    1. Well am not sexy, sexy like those models you see in magazine and ads. When it come to salsa, yeah I can shine on the dance floor. Actually one time someone brought me a drink cause I were impressed on how I dance.

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