Daily Prompt: The Young and the Rested

The Young and the Rested

When was the last time you felt truly rejuvenated and energized? What made you feel that way?

dance_practice_in_twirly_sk1When I was in college Thursday nights were the day I always look forward to. It was night that a few of my friends and I would go to a Latin Dance club and social dance. We would get their about 10pm and of course there was a dress code, so you had to dress to impress. My female friend would dress up either in a dress or black slack pants with a very attractive shirt. Sorry not really knowledgeable when it come to female clothing. Also having their dancing shoes on. Me, I would be dress up in black slacks and when nice button up dress shirt and of course wearing my dressing shoes. As we walk into the club we could hear the Latin music playing as they finish the free beginner salsa class for people who came early and learn how to dance. After a few minute the band would walk up on stage, tuning their musical instruments and they then light are dim down and here we go. The band start playing and it a salsa songs. Slowly, you see couples walking onto the dance floor and guys asking a girl in the club, “want to dance?”. Actually you know because of the hand gesture. Me, I ask one of my female friends. Within a minute into the song the dance floor is filled with couples dancing. The guys leading their female partner, turn them, not once, but twice, and if the girl can really follow him, multiple turns. With the turns, the ladies dresses gliding up in the air, as she use her hand to keep her dress from gliding to far up. At the end of the turn you see a big smile on girl’s face. Myself keeping an eye out making sure I don’t run into someone and my dance partner doesn’t either. Then turning her and leading her away from the other dance couple whose getting a little to close us. As the song approaches it ending, people are sweating, but smiling and enjoying themselves. Then the songs ends and without being a lip reader, exchanging, “thanks you for the dance” as people walk to the side. Before they can get there the band has already start playing their next song and again couples walking on to the dance and guys asking a girl if they would like to dance.
This would go on until 2 o’clock in the morning and with my friend and I having classes Friday morning, we didn’t care. Because even though we might have felt tired, we also feet great, stress free, no worries at all. Why? Because we danced it all away.


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