Before I die I want to….

38710026Am sure you seen these chalk board that say, “Before I die I want to” and then you write using chalk what you want to do.  Well wrote what I want to do before I die. That is to travel to one city in all 7 continents.  Well those continents that have cities.  Traveling is one of my goals that I would like to do.  Why? I am interested in other cultures, the history, the people who live in those cities/towns, and of course just the scenery.  Some of the place that I would love to travel to are:

  • Italy to visit Pompeii.  I am fascinated by volcanoes and the importance they are to our plant, but also the destruction they can cause not only to cities and town, but what they can do to our climate.
  • South America Panama.  Not sure if they allow tourist to visit the Panama canal, but it would be cool just to see it and maybe take a few pictures.  The Panama canal history of how it came about and the just building it is so mind-blowing.  For man to be able to cut through miles of land and to remove tons of dirt to build a canal to connect the Pacific to the Atlantic. Not to mention the lives lost building it because of disease.

As for other place that I would like travel to are Japan, China, South Korea, the Philippines, Turkey.  There a lot, but if I need to narrow it down, places that have a history of World War II especially in the Pacific.

Today the one thing that is holding me back from reaching my goal of traveling is money.  I don’t have a job, so I can’t save and the reason why I don’t have job is because employers out there don’t want to hire someone who doesn’t have any work experience.  I just pray someone will give me an opportunity to prove myself that I can do whatever they throw at me.

So I leave you this question.  Before I die I want to ___________________


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