Book #3: Zombies

For all you zombies fans out there and who can’t wait for the return of The Walking Dead, I suggest you read Joe McKinney Book Dead City. If you never heard of Joe McKinney, he not only a author, but also a police officer for the San Antonio police department.  When reading this book, I was glued to it which is probably why I finished it in two days.  Instead of a zombie outbreak happening in New York or some other big and popular city, this outbreak happen down in the San Antonio, Texas.  In my opinion this book kind of remind me of The Walk Dead since the main character is a police officer with a wife and son. The only difference is this officer is alone during this outbreak trying to get to his wife and kid.  Yes, along the way he does find people but I let you learn about that when you read the book.

I think the only thing I wish the author would have gone more into detail is the end. To explain without spoiling the book for you, if you know San Antonio, its a military city. So I would just like to have seen a chapter or two of the military involvement or if they are just caught off guard. Maybe a different twist then what we are use to seeing in the movies.





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