Do you remember that phrase that your parents would tell you to use when someone called you a name or was making fun of you?

Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

Remember that? Okay, maybe they told you to take other serious measure.  Is it me or have we as a society taking people’s words, opinions, and comments just to seriously.  Have we lost the right and ability to speak what we think?  To put it in Donald Trump’s words, “Politically correct”.  Yes! There are some things that people say that are just totally wrong, but should we be breaking down every word, sentence, comments, and take it literally? If someone told you that you look nice today with that outfit you are wearing, do you take it literally and tell them, are you saying I look ugly the previous days.

Recently I had a little online discussion with a friend of mind about Kelly Osbourne statement on The View about Latinos and cleaning toilets.  Me personally, I wasn’t offended by what she said.  Why? One, I believe that everyone has a beautiful and pure heart until proven otherwise.  Not knowing Kelly Osbourne beside that she a celebrity, I believe that she wasn’t trying to offend the Latino community.  It was just a bad choice of words and if you were watching the show, Rosie Perez stopped her in the middle of her sentence. Kelly never got to finish or explain what she was trying to say. So it made her look bad.

No one is perfect in this world. In the past we have seen people “fuck up” when in front of a camera with millions of people watching.  It happens!  Remember Gov. Rick Perry during the presidential debt and blinder full of women statement.  Bad choice of words but wasn’t he try to say that he had blinder filled with women resumes or something along those lines. Why is that people and media are so determine to turn around people words and make them sound that they are hurtful statements? We all probably have said something that may not sound correct, but do your friends, family take it out of context? Do they show understanding that they knew what you were trying say or at least give you the chance to correct and explain yourself?


One thought on “Words

  1. A great reminder on what words can do and how they can hurt. Many people say things in order to explain something and it comes out wrong. Word choice can be an issue at the wrong time.


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