Finished reading my 2nd Book

It took awhile, but I finally finish my 2nd book.  The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith.  This was my first time reading a  crime novel book.  When I started reading, I had to kind of take it slow and re-read the first two chapters since there was so much information: the crime scene, the characters and who they are.


I enjoyed reading the book and I never thought that the killer would be the person who it ended up being.  I don’t want give out the name or too much details and spoil it for future readers. It was just awesome reading the scene when Strike tells the killer that he knew it was him and just breaking it down how he found out.  I was ready for guns to pop out, thinking that Strike had a hidden gun hide somewhere and the killer had his, but nope that didn’t happen. Awhile reading the book I was thinking that the relationship between Strike and his assistant Robin would become something more. He always miss the presents of her company and she never did want to leave the job.  Beside Robin was a attractive women and it just felt that she spent more time with Strike then her boyfriend.

So now I will start my next book which is a Zombie book.  A lady that I work with, suggested that I read this author books since he is a native of Texas.  He does have several books, so am starting off with his first book.  Oh! yes this is my first zombie book that I ever read and no I never did read War World Z. Do you have any suggestions on books I should consider reading?


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