To Agree and to Disagree

We all have opinions about something.  How many of you share those opinions verbally or on social media?  Are you afraid of expressing your opinion on controversial issues because the fear that  people will think of you differently? Maybe the fear losing a friend because your views are different from theirs.

With the power of internet we have the options of expressing our opinions on many social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress.  When sharing our opinions with the rest of world there are pros and cons that come with it.  The Pros, we find out that other people agree with our views and the cons that there will be people who disagree.  We also learn something new that we didn’t know whether we agree and/or disagree.

For me personally a few years ago I wasn’t to open in expressing my opinion on social media, but then I kept seeing friends posting their opinions, which I disagreed on and felt that I should express mine.  Just recently I express my opinion on Facebook about Caitlyn Jenner and her receiving the Arthur Ashe Courage Award.  Of course several friends responded to my opinion and I gave them my reason for my opinion.  Of course two friends, I call them Friend1 and Friend2 debated about the issue.  Friend1 just stated their reason why she shouldn’t receive the award.  Friend2 just stating that we should be more open-minded, compassion toward transgender and that Caitlyn deserves the award.  For me, I felt that there wasn’t anything else to add to the debated exchange, just that I have nothing against Transgender people. That we should all be more open-mind, compassion, understanding about other issues that we have seen and heard on the news these past few years.

After the debate was over, I look over to my profile and notice that my Facebook friend count is minus 1.  It happen that my friend who is Friend2 defriended me, not sure why, but I can think that she wasn’t happy with this debate.  This is same friend2 who said we should be more open-mind which I find funny because it show that she herself isn’t as open-mind.  Of this is not the first time someone defriended me because of difference of opinion on a issue. Is it me or have we become a society where we can’t accept someone else difference of opinions because people only look at one side of the coin? If you are not looking at the same side of the coin as them, you are a hater, racist, you don’t know what you are talking, you don’t understand or have any compassion.




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