Practice Makes perfect?

Practice Makes Perfect?

Tell us about a talent you’d love to have… but don’t.

A talent that I don’t have and wish I did, would be able to play a instrument and sing. Right now, I can’t do either and would probably sound like pee wee from the smurfs. Do you remember pee wee?  The instrument I wish I knew how to play would be guitar or the keyboard.  I probably could start learning how to play the keyboard since I have a old one here at home.

Why would I like to be able to play an instrument?  Well, it would probably help me out when it come to dancing and listening to the timing or beat.  When I dance, am always off beat.  Beside that, just being  able to play an instrument is just cool and if you are good at it and have a great voice that doesn’t sound annoy, you might just attract a crowd. Maybe impress the opposite sex and sing them a song such as the one below.


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